RRT specialities

Containers – all-round logistics talents.

Containers are highly flexible and economic for transporting and storing goods of all kinds. The universally deployable transport container has nowadays become not only irreplaceable for sea transport, but also for carriage of goods by road and rail. Moreover, containers are the cheapest alternative by far for warehouse storage.

The benefits of using containers in intermodal transport are obvious:

  • High speed transfer between the different modes of transport
  • Transport of very large volumes
  • Different piece goods can be combined into bulk goods
  • Standardised dimensions ensure efficient handling
  • Low space requirement due to stackability
  • Precise calculation of the space requirement
  • Intelligent deployment as buffer stores in port facilities and during transport by ship and rail
  • Easy identification using standardised labelling according to the ISO standard
  • The best possible combination of environmentally-friendly modes of transport conserves resources