Our standards raise the success of your logistics.

As a specialist for trimodal container logistics, RRT Rhein-Ruhr Terminal GmbH provides services based on a philosophy oriented to processes and systems. We work together with your management team, staff, suppliers and network partners to continuously improve processes – for our mutual benefit and, above all, for the success of your logistics.


The undertakings in the neska Group concerned with customs and excise matters were granted the customs status of "Authorised Economic Operator" (AEO) in September 2010 and are thus regarded as a dependable member in international supply chains. neska customers additionally profit from simplified customs clearance procedures for imports and exports.


In the wake of the tragic events of 11th September 2001 in the USA and the realisation that any mode of transport could fall victim to terrorist attacks, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) added the so-called ISPS Code to the SOLAS Agreement in December 2002. With the aim of preventing terrorist attacks, this code defines uniform security measures for port facilities and ocean-going shipping across the globe.

Our terminal is a safe port in the sense of the ISPS regulations. These require that certain measures are observed without fail in daily operations. The Designated Authority (DA) issued certification on 17/12/2010.